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Weekly Pub Quiz Subscription

The easy way to get everything you need to run your quiz events. A brand new 50 question quiz straight to your inbox every Wednesday.

Only £2.50 per week

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Monthly Printed Pub Quiz Subscription

The even easier way to get everything you need to run your quiz events. A month supply of brand new 50 question quizzes straight to your doorstep every month.

Only £20.00 per month (includes shipping)

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If you’re creating a quiz either to use in a pub or for a specific event or gathering then you’ve come to the right place. On our site you’ll find a multitude of free online quizzes complete with questions and answers. With the help of our site you’ll be able to make a quiz in no time at all – or alternatively you can purchase one of our many ready-made pub quizzes for just £4 each! Don’t let the price deceive you, these are full and inclusive quizzes that will engage and entertain your audience.

We aim to upload new quiz rounds as often as we can, although we do focus on our growing weekly quiz subscription content. We also have a YouTube channel for specific quizzes such as our TV Theme Tunes rounds – which can be added in to any quiz or as a standalone round.

“A uniquely British invention combining our two loves; drinking and being right”

Quiz – ITV 2020

We created this website as a hobby and because we enjoy creating pub quizzes for our local pub and our friends and family. So the price of £4 is not a reflection of quality it is reflective of our desire to share what we love doing at a more than reasonable cost. A free ‘try before you buy’ sample ready-made quiz is available for download below: