Weekly Subscription Quiz

£2.50 / week

The easy way to get everything you need to run your pub quiz events.


Take the hassle out of running your Pub Quiz night.

50 Question (+ Tie Breaker) Pub Quiz sent to your inbox every Wednesday. All you have to do is press print and you’re good to go. Answer sheets are included and you can pause or cancel anytime you like.

The quiz follows the same format every week:

  • Round 1 – Picture Round
  • Round 2 – General Knowledge
  • Round 3 – Top 5
  • Round 4 – Connections
  • Round 5 – Trivia Trail
  • Round 6 – All or Nothing
  • Tie Breaker
  • Ready made and printable answer sheets

Everything you need to run a successful regular quiz event.

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