General Knowledge Quiz #3 Answers

General Knowledge Quiz

Welcome to General Knowledge Quiz #3…

1. An ampersand is a symbol which replaces which word?

A. And

2. Morphine was named after which mythological Greek character?

A. Morpheus (the Greed god of dreams)

3. Anzac Day is celebrated in which two countries?

A. Australia and New Zealand

4. According to the Latin proverb, still waters run what?

A. Deep

5. Alphabetically, what is the second sign of the Zodiac?

A. Aquarius

6. To what section of an orchestra does a tuba belong?

A. Brass

7. What acid gives nettles their sting?

A. Formic Acid

8. What type of boat would you typically find on the canals of Venice?

A. Gondola

9. What animal based name would you give to someone who always gets the blame?

A. A Scapegoat

10. What bird was used by miners as an early warning system for the presence of toxic gasses?

A. Canary


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