General Knowledge Quiz #7

General Knowledge Quiz

Welcome to General Knowledge Quiz #7…

1. In which country did the game ‘Pelota’ originate?

2. Fe is the chemical symbol for which element?

3. If you travelled due east from Sydney Harbour, which country would you reach first?

4. ‘Namaste’ is a traditional greeting in which language?

5. The ‘Easter Rising’ took place in which city in 1916?

6. In which 1976 film does Robert De Niro say the famous words “You talkin’ to me?”

7. Which star sign is symbolised by scales?

8. A ‘contusion’ is more commonly known as what?

9. In which modern day capital city was the Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated bin 1914, sparking the crisis that lead to the First World War?

10. The Bee Gees featured heavily on the best selling soundtrack for which 1977 film?

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