Harry Potter Quiz #1 Answers

Harry Potter Quiz

Here are the answers to Harry Potter Quiz #1…

1. What is the name of the Bookshop in Diagon Alley? 

A. Flourish & Blotts

2. Name the other magical schools, which visit Hogwarts to compete in the Tri Wizard Tournament?

A. Durmstrang & Beauxbatons

3. What potion can be used to regrow bones? 

A. Skele-gro

4. Who leaves Chocolates laced with a love potion on Harry’s bed? 

A. Romilda Vane

5. Who is the first Character to speak in the very first film?

A. Professor Dumbledore

6. What are the 3 main ingredients Peter Pettigrew uses in the potion to bring Voldemort back in body form?

A. Bone Of The Father, Blood Of The Enemy & Flesh Of The Servant

7. What password is used to reveal the Staircase to Professor Dumbledore’s office?

A. Sherbet Lemon

8. Who teaches Herbology at Hogwarts?

A. Professor Pomona Sprout

9. What type of sweets do Bertie Botts make? 

A. Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans

10. What number would you dial in the out-of-use public phone box in London in order to enter the Ministry of Magic? 

A. 62442 (Spells Magic On A Phone Keypad)


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