TV & Film Quiz #6 Answers

TV & Film Quiz

Here are the answers to TV & Film Quiz #6…

1. Who provided the voice for Garfield in the 2004 film ‘Garfield The Movie’?

A. Bill Murray

2. First aired on 23rd November 1963, ‘An Unearthly Child’ was the first episode of which long running BBC TV show?

A. Doctor Who

3. In what year was the film Trainspotting released?

A. 1996

4. The Ewing family appeared in which soap opera?

A. Dallas

5. Which actor who appeared in films such as ‘A Knights Tale’ and ‘Brokeback Mountain’ tragically died from an overdose in 2008?

A. Heath Ledger

6. Who played Jim Carey’s dumb friend in the 1994 film ‘Dumb & Dumber’?

A. Jeff Daniels

7. Danny Zuko was a member of which gang in the film Grease?

A. The T-Birds

8. Which CSI series came first, New York, Miami or Las Vegas?

A. Las Vegas

9. Pauline Quirke played which character in the British sitcom ‘Birds of a Feather’?

A. Sharon Theodopolopodus

10. In the film ‘Trading Places’, which Actor traded places with Eddie Murphy?

A. Dan Ackroyd


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