Sports Quiz #7 Answers

Sports Quiz

Here are the answers to Sports Quiz #7…

1. What is an American Football pitch called?

A. The Gridiron

2. Reintroducing Formula 1 to USA in 2012, which city is home to the ‘Circuit Of The Americas’?

A. Austin, Texas

3. With which NHL team did Wayne Gretzky finish his illustrious career in 1999?

A. New York Rangers

4. What sport would you be playing if you were competing for The Curtis Cup?

A. Golf

5. ‘Turf Moor’ is the home of which Premiership Football team?

A. Burnley FC

6. Over what distance is a drag race run?

A. 1/4 Mile

7. What are the 5 colours of the Olympic Rings?

A. Blue, Yellow, Black, Green and Red

8. What is the national sport of Japan?

A. Sumo Wrestling

9. Since 1977, where has snooker’s World Championship taken place?

A. Crucible Theatre, Sheffield

10. Who won the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2019?


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