Science & Nature Quiz #9 Answers

Science & Nature Quiz

Here are the answers to Science & Nature Quiz #9…

1. What is the most abundant gas in the Earth’s atmosphere?

A. Nitrogen

2. Which British physicist wrote the book ‘A Brief History Of Time’?

A. Stephen Hawking

3. ln Einstein’s theory: E=MC², what does the ‘C’ represent?

A. Speed Of Light

4. Which substance in the skin filters out harmful light from the Sun?

A. Melanin

5. ‘Rickets’ is caused by a deficiency of which vitamin?

A. Vitamin D

6. What does RADAR stand for?

A. Radio Detection And Ranging (Aid To)

7. Geothermal power is generated by using heat energy from what?

A. Rocks From The Earths Crust

8. Which two planets in our solar system have no moons?

A. Mercury & Venus

9. In which month does the Summer Solstice occur in the Northern Hemisphere?

A. June

10. Pencil lead is made from which element?

A. Graphite

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