Connections Quiz #14

Connections Quiz

9 Questions… 1 Connection… Can you find it?

Welcome to Connections Quiz #14

1. Which British Serial Killer signed his taunting letters to Scotland Yard with “From Hell”?

2. Which car did Thierry Henry famously advertise with the slogan “Va Va Voom”?

3. Which English Artist painted the ‘Hay Wain’ in 1821?

4. Which rank in the British Army or RAF is represented by wearing 3 chevrons?

5. Which pop group had members called: Sarah, Nicola, Nadine, Cheryl and Kimberly?

6. Name the mountain pass which connects Afghanistan and Pakistan which has been, and still is, one of the most important trade routes between Centarl and South Asia?

7. With which fictional character would you associate William Hartnell, Tom Baker and Christopher Eccleston?

8. ‘Akala’ was the leader of the wolf pack in which 1967 animated film?

9. In which TV programme would you see Karl Pilkington travelling the World?

10. What is the connection between questions 1-9?

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