Science & Nature Quiz #11 Answers

Science & Nature Quiz

Here are the answers to Science & Nature Quiz #11…

1. Which planet is known as the ‘Jewell’ of the Solar System?

A. Saturn

2. How many ribs does a human body have?

A. 24

3. In which modern-day country was the physist and chemist Marie Curie born?

A. Poland

4. What is a material called that will not carry an electrical charge?

A. Insulator

5. In miles, on average how far is the Sun away from Earth?

A. Around 93 Million miles

6. What 2 metals are combined to make Brass?

A. Copper and Zinc

7. What is the name of NASA’s 2020 Mars Rover?

A. Perseverance

8. What is the most common bird in the World?

A. Domestic Chicken

9. What was the name of the first supersonic passenger liner?

A. Concorde

10. What is the soft spot on a babies head called?

A. The Fontanelle

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