General Knowledge Quiz #23 Answers

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Here are the answers to General Knowledge Quiz #23…

1. How many dots are there in total on a pair of dice?

A. 42

2. In Britain, what is the only road sign to be on an inverted triangle?

A. Give Way

3. What building is pictured on a bottle of HP sauce?

A. Houses Of Parliament 

4. In the board game Cleudo, whose murder has to be solved?

A. Dr Black’s

5. In Norse mythology who was the wife of Odin and goddess of marriage, the home and motherhood?

A. Frigg

6. In which city would you find Canada`s largest Stock Exchange?

A. Toronto

7. In chess, what is the only piece able to jump over other pieces?

A. Knight

8. What is the square root of 169?

A. 13

9. The name of which Italian cheese means `recooked`?

A. Ricotta

10. `Woman Hitler` is an anagram of which relative?

A. Mother In Law

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