Science & Nature Quiz #17 Answers

Science & Nature Quiz

Here are the answers to Science & Nature Quiz #17…

1. What type of animal is a ‘Greyface Dartmoor’?

A. Sheep

2. What does ADHD stand for?

A. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 

3. How many legs does an ant have?

A. 6

4. What is the study of plants called?

A. Botany

5. Which is the largest type of penguin?

A. Emperor Penguin

6. Kalium is the Latin name for which chemical element?

A. Potassium

7. What is the collective noun for a group of cats?

A. Clowder

8. What is the fastest fish in the Ocean?

A. Sailfish

9. Charles Darwin developed his theory of evolution whilst on a 5 year expedition aboard which vessel?

A. HMS Beagle

10. What was ‘Sojourner’?

A. The first Mars rover

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