Science & Nature Quiz #18 Answers

Science & Nature Quiz 18

Here are the answers to Science & Nature Quiz #18…

1. Which chemical element is used to disinfect wounds and can be commercially produced from certain seaweeds?

A. Iodine

2. What is the scientific name for the shoulder blade?

A. Scapula

3. Which gender of mosquitoes bite people?

A. Female

4. What name is given to the scientific study of individual microscopic cells?

A. Cytology

5. What type of creature is a ‘Pacific Sea Wasp’?

A. Jellyfish

6. Which company used the slogan ‘Think Different’ with iconic pictures of people like Albert Einstein?

A. Apple

7. When is Halley’s Comet next set to pass by Earth? 2041? 2051? Or 2061?

A. 2061

8. What is the name given to the female parts of a flower?

A. Pistil

9. ‘Zoophobia’ is the fear of what?

A. Animals

10. Which insects were the first living creatures intentionally sent into space aboard a V2 rocket in 1947?

A. Fruit Flies

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