Pub Quiz Fortunes

Pube Quiz Fortunes

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve launched a new style of ready made pub quiz… Pub Quiz Fortunes!

Pub Quiz Fortunes

What is Pub Quiz Fortunes?

Just like the great TV show ‘Family Fortunes’, we asked 100 people a number of questions, and the idea is that you have to guess the top 3 answers. The Top 3 answers will score points with the ‘Top’ answer scoring 3 points if your quizzers guess it correctly. The other 2 answers will score 1 point each.

Pub Quiz Fortunes Answer Sheets

All of our quizzes are ready to print and the Pub Quiz Fortunes are no different. They come with a pre made answer sheet:

What’s so good about Pub Quiz Fortunes?

Because these are opinion based, your quizzers will spend a lot of time debating what is the top answer to each question. We’ve actually found that a 20 question Pub Quiz Fortunes quiz can last as long as one of our 50 question subscription quizzes!

Happy Quizzing

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