TV & Film Quiz #1

TV & Film Quiz

Welcome to TV & Film Quiz #1…

1. Which cartoon series is centred around the inhabitants of Jellystone National Park?

2. In which TV show did a talking cat called ‘Salem’ appear?

3. What Saturday morning show was first presented by Emma Forbes and Andi Peters?

4. Whose girlfriend was called Looby Lou?

5. In which 80’s/90’s TV show would you have found the characters Zach, Slater and Screech?

6. Which US State was the setting for the TV series ‘Magnum PI’?

7. Opera singer Charlotte Church’s big break came at the age of 11 when singing over the telephone on which TV show?

8. Which pair of twin puppet pigs first appeared on UK television in 1957?

9. In which drama would you find the Aidenfield Arms?

10. Who were the first animated television couple to sleep together in a double bed?

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