Connections Quiz #2 Answers

Connections Quiz

Here are the answers to Connections Quiz #2…

1. Who scored the winning goal for Manchester United against Bayern Munich in the 1997 Champions League final?

A. Ole GUNNER Solskjaer – Gunners (Arsenal)

2. Born Stanley Burrell in 1963, who had hits with “U cant touch this” and “2 legit to quit”??

A. M.C HAMMER – Hammers (West Ham United)

3. Will Ferrel and Owen Wilson starred in which film as an ice dancing duo?

A. BLADES of Glory – Blades (Sheffield United)

4. Which element has the chemical symbol Fe?

A. IRON – The Iron (Scunthorpe United)

5. Lanzarote and Tenerife are part of which group of Islands?

A. The CANARY Islands – Canaries (Norwich City)

6. What type of animal was Robin Hood in the Disney cartoon film “Robin Hood”?

A. FOX – The Foxes (Leicester City)

7. With which old profession would you associate Edward Teach?

A. PIRATE (He was better known as Blackbeard) – The Pirates (Bristol Rovers)

8. In the TV show “Only Fools and Horses” what did the abbreviation “T.I.T” stand for on Del Boy’s van?

A. TROTTERS Independent Trading – Trotters (Bolton Wanderers)

9. In Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book” what type of animal was Shere Khan?

A. TIGER – The Tigers (Hull City)

10. What is the connection between your answers for questions 1-9?

A. English Football Team Nicknames

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