Disney Film Quiz

1. In which fictional Arabian city is Aladdin set?

2. What is the name of the tea cup in Beauty and the Beast?

3. The original Disney adaptation of ‘The Jungle Book’ was released in which decade?

4. The characters Drizella & Anastasia Tremaine appear in which Disney film?

5. In the film Ratatouille, what is the name of the main Rat that the story follows on his journey to become a chef?

6. In what year was Frozen released?

7. Disney bought which film franchise for a reported $4.05bn in 2012?

8. Which Disney film released in 1940 had a character named Jimmy Cricket?

9. The characters Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz appear in which Disney film ?

10. In 1937 which was the first Disney film to be shown in colour?

Click here for the answers.

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