Easter Quiz Answers

1. Easter is a festival celebrated in which religion?

A. Christianity

2. The Belfast Agreement is better known by what name?

A. The Good Friday Agreement

3. What is the name given to the Sunday before Easter?

A. Palm Sunday

4. Which New York City Street hosts the annual Easter Parade?

A. 5th Avenue

5. What is the last week of Lent known as?

A. Holy Week/Passion Week

6. The Worlds most expensive Easter egg sold for $9,500,000, who was it made by?

A. Faberge

7. Easter Island belongs to which South American Country?

A. Chile

8. What flower is associated with Easter?

A. Lily

9. Easter is the second largest holiday for consumption of sweets and chocolate, what is the largest?

A. Halloween

10. True or False: The word ‘Easter’ appears in the Old Testament in the Bible?

A. False

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