General Knowledge Quiz #5 Answers

General Knowledge Quiz

Here are the answers to General Knowledge Quiz #5…

1. According to the US Postal Service and the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee, what kind of person shall not be honoured on a US postal stamp?

A. A Living Person

2. On average, the human body contains how many pints of blood?

A. 9

3. Hg is the chemical symbol for which element?

A. Mercury

4. The Statue of Liberty was given to the USA by which country?

A. France

5. According to Greek mythology, who was the first woman on Earth?

A. Pandora

6. How is the groundnut more commonly known?

A. Peanut

7. Which country was the first to elect a female Prime Minister in 1960?

A. Sri Lanka

8. Which US President died in office at age 63 on 12 April 1945?

A. Franklin D. Roosevelt

9. According to Newtons law, every action has what?

A. An Equal And Opposite Reaction

10. Charlie Chaplin is said to have insured what part of his body for $100,000 in the 1920’s?

A. His Feet

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