General Knowledge Quiz #6 Answers

General Knowledge Quiz

Here are the answers to General Knowledge Quiz #6…

1. Who was the Roman goddess of love?

A. Venus

2. Which two countries signed the ‘Pact Of Steel’ in 1939?

A. Germany & Italy

3. What is ‘Where’s Wally?’ called in the USA?

A. Where’s Waldo

4. ‘Bakkah’ was the former name of which holy city?

A. Mecca

5. Which US president appears on the $100 bill?

A. Benjamin Franklin

6. Gordon Sumner is the real first name of which British musician?

A. Sting

7. What unit is used to measure horses?

A. Hands

8. Where in the body would you find a ‘Betz Cell’?

A. Brain

9. Which actress dies in the opening scene of the movie ‘Scream’?

A. Drew Barrymore

10. The Ozark National Scenic Riverway can be found in which US State?

A. Missouri

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