Trivia Trail Quiz #4 Answers

Trivia Trail Quiz

Here are the answers to Trivia Trail Quiz #4…

The last letter of the previous answer is the first letter of the next answer.

1. Which country has the most time zones with 11?

A. Russia

2. With which American city would you associate the sports teams ‘Falcons’ and ‘Thrashers’?

A. Atlanta

3. Which country is the setting for ‘The Sound of Music’?

A. Austria

4. If you were born on April Fool’s day, which star sign would you be?

A. Airies

5. The category of ‘Best Animated Feature’ was added to the Oscars in 2002, what was the first film to win it?

A. Shrek

6. Which measurement of speed is equivalent to one nautical mile?

A. Knot

7. Lisbon sits on the banks of which river?

A. Tagus

8. Which 1960’s series told of the adventures of the ‘World Aquanaught Security Patrol’?

A. Stingray

9. Sana’a is the capital city of which Middle Eastern country?

A. Yemen

10. Who is the Roman God of the Sea?

A. Neptune


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