Trivia Trail Quiz #10

Trivia Trail Quiz

Welcome to Trivia Trail Quiz #10…

The last letter of the previous answer is the first letter of the next answer.

1. Which part of the eye gives it its colour?

2. What was the name of the female puppet that accompanied Sooty and Sweep?

3. In which country would you find the Aswan Dam?

4. In trigonometry the three most familiar functions are sine, cosine and what?

5. What is the name given to the unit of measure for thermal insulation?

6. What is the main alcoholic ingredient to a Joan Collins cocktail?

7. In ‘The Teletubbies’ what is the name of the vacuum cleaner?

8. What are the academy awards better known as?

9. Ophidiophobia is the fear of what?

10. Which well known street has characters by the names of Zoe, Earnie and Oscar?


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