Vikings Quiz #1 Answers

Here are the answers to Vikings Quiz #1…

1. Known as Eboracum to the Romans, what name was given to York by the Vikings?

A. Jorvik

2. Which King allegedly removed his crown, hung it from a crucifix and never wore it again in honour of almighty God?

A. King Canute

3. What name is given to the ancient Nordic tales depicting early Viking voyages and the battles?

A. Sagas

4. Which weapon did the Norse God Thor wield?

A. Hammer

5. England was ruled by which Danish king, after an invasion in 1013

A. Sweyn Forkbeard

6. In Norse mythology, Valhalla is a huge, majestic hall ruled by which God?

A. Odin

7. Which Norse explorer founded the first settlement in Greenland?

A. Erik The Red

8. How were a Viking boats sails marked if it was the Kings ship?

A. Striped

9. In 911 AD, the West Frankish King Charles III gave which piece of land to the Viking leader Rollo?

A. Normandy

10. What was the old Norse name for Norway?

A. Nordvegr

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