Food & Drink Quiz #9 Answers

Food & Drink Quiz

Here are the answers to Food & Drink Quiz #9…

1. In what country is Cheese Fondue a traditional dish?

A. Switzerland

2. Which alcohol is the main ingredient of the New York Sour cocktail?

A. Rye Whiskey

3. What is a Vitamin D deficiency called?

A. Ricketts

4. Which country is the largest producer of bananas?

A. India

5. What is the most consumed manufactured drink in the World?

A. Tea

6. Which TV Celebrity Chef who died n 2019 fronted shows including Masterchef and Hell’s Kitchen?

A. Gary Rhodes

7. What is the minimum age a Scotch Whiskey has to be before it can be sold in the UK?

A. 3 Years Old

8. In what country does Jerk Chicken originate from?

A. Jamaica

9. Which Mexican dish translates as “Cheese Tortilla” ?

A. Quesadilla

10. ‘Pure and Superior Grated Horseraddish’ was the first product created by whom in 1869?

A. Henry J. Heinz


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