Friends Quiz #1 Answers

Friends Quiz 1

Here are the answers to our F·R·I·E·N·D·S Quiz #1…

1. What character did Bruce Willis play when he appeared in 3 episodes of Series 6?

A. Paul Stevens

2. What was the name of the High School kid who dated Monica in Season 1?

A. Young Ethan 

3. Which NHL teams shirt can be seen hung up near the door in Chandler and Joey’s appartment during the earlier seasons?

A. Detroit Redwings

4. What fake name does Joey use when picking up women?

A. Ken Adams

5. What was the name of the film which Joey travelled to Vegas to star as the lead in?

A. Shudderspeed

6. What was the name of the fictional person made up by Ross to prove to Mike that Phoebe had had a long term relationship?

A. Vicram

7. Which 3 scrabble letters did Marcel the Monkey swallow in Series 1?

A. K, M & O

8. Which actress starred as Erica, the birthmother of Monica and Chandler’s Twins?

A. Anna Faris

9. What was the name of the ‘One Woman Show’ which Joey gets his friends tickets for in Season 9 to divert them away from his Soap Opera party on the roof?

A. Why dont you like me?

10. What are the triplets called which Phoebe gave brith to?

A. Lesley, Chandler and Frank Jr Jr

11. What was the cat called which Rachel got in Season 5?

A. Mrs Whiskerson

12. What was the trophy called which Monica and Ross competed for in there annual Thanksgiving Day American Football game?

A. The Geller Cup

13. In the song Smelly Cat, what lyric follows “You may not be a bed of roses…”?

A. “You’re not friends to those with noses.”

14. What is Chandler’s Mother called?

A. Nora Bing

15. What was the name of Phoebe’s first husband?

A. Duncan Sullivan

16. In Season 3, which book did Joey keep in the freezer?

A. The Shining

17. What was the name of Ross’ girlfriend who Rachel convinced to shave her head in Season 3?

A. Bonnie

18. What game does Chandler make up in order to give Joey money?

A. Cups

19. What character did Elle Macpherson play when she moved in with Joey in Season 6?

A. Janine Lecroix

20. Who was Rachels Boyfriend on her 30th Birthday?

A. Tag Jones


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