The Big Quiz Of The Noughties – Answers

Big Quiz of the Noughties

Welcome to the “The Big Quiz Of The Noughties”, This full ‘mini’ quiz will take you back to the noughties, lets see what you can remember post the Millenium hangover…

Round 1 – Picture Round

The following following pictures show movies released in the noughties with the characters removed, can you name them all?

1. Bend It Like Beckham (2002)
2. Gladiator (2000)
3. Meet The Fockers (2004)
4. Pearl Harbour (2001)
5. Scooby Doo

Round 2 – General Knowledge

1. Who kicked the winning drop goal in the 2003 Rugby World Cup final in the last minute of extra time?

A. Jonny Wilkinson

2. During the 9/11 attacks, tragically 2 planes were crashed into the twin towers in New York and a further plane into the Pentagon in Arlington County. Where did the fourth plane, Flight 93, crash, following the heroic efforts of the passengers to overpower it’s hiijackers?

A. A field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania

3. What was the biggest grossing film of the Noughties?

A. Avatar (2009)

4. In which year of the decade was Barrack Obama elected President of the United States?

A. 2008

5. Who won his fourth consecutive Wimbledon Mens Single title in 2000?

A. Pete Sampras

6. Which 2 Nations co-hosted the 2002 World Cup?

A. Japan & South Korea

7. Which group had the final Number 1 hit of the decade with the song “Killing in the Name”?

A. Rage Against the Machine

8. On 26th December 2004 what natural disaster occured killing roughly 230,000 people in 14 different countries, making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history?

A. Indian Ocean Tsunami

9. In which year did the Queen celebrate her Golden Jubilee?

A. 2002

10. Which All Time Great Music Artist was tipped to posthumously reach Number 1 in the UK charts in June/July 2009 following his death, but only made it to Number 11 being beaten out by classics such as ‘Boom Boom Pow’ by the Black Eyed Peas and ‘Bonkers’ by Dizzee Rascal?

A. Michael Jackson

Round 3 – Trivia Trail

The last letter of the previous answer is the first letter of the next answer.

1. What is the surname of the cyclist who won his 7th Tour de France in this decade?

A. Armstrong

2. Which country won the 2004 UEFA European Championships?

A. Greece

3. Which 2003 film saw Will Ferrel travelling to New York in search of his Father?

A. Elf

4. Which F1 Team won 7 out of the 10 World Constructors Championships this decade?

A. Ferrari

5. In May 2002 East Timor declared it’s independence from which Country?

A. Indonesia

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