Science & Nature Quiz #14 Answers

Science & Nature Quiz

Here are the answers to Science & Nature Quiz #14…

1. What is a fibrous band that connects bone to muscle?

A. Tendon

2. Chromatics is the science of what?

A. Colours

3. The ‘Shoemaker-Levy 9’ comet collided with which planet in 1994?

A. Jupiter

4. How many noble gasses are there?

A. 7

5. Which insect has the shortest lifespan?

A. Mayfly

6. Which flowers name means ‘Rose Tree’ in Greek?

A. Rhododendron

7. Which scientist devised the 3 laws of motion?

A. Isaac Newton

8. Herpes Zoster is the medical name for what?

A. Shingles

9. What is the collective noun for cockroaches?

A. An Intrusion

10. Which is the larger bird, jackdaw or rook?

A. Rook

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