Trivia Trail Quiz #13

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Welcome to Trivia Trail Quiz #13…

The last letter of the previous answer is the first letter of the next answer.

1. Slipper, Spiny and Squat are all varieties of what?

2. What nationality are ‘The Cheeky Girls’?

3. Which French astrologer, born in 1503, penned the book Les Prophéties?

4. Who featured on the David Guetta hit ‘Titanium’?

5. In which US state did Forest Gump grow up?

6. Which Paddy was a British politician and diplomat who served as Leader of the Liberal Democrats from 1988 to 1999?

7. Managua is the capital of which South American country?

8. South Korea have won 23 out of 34 gold medals since 1984 in which Olympic sport?

9. Which 1979 film starring Richard Gere is set during the Second World War in Northern England and features no combat scenes?

10. Who’s UK number one hits include ‘Round Round’ and ‘About You Now’?


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