Science & Nature Quiz #15 Answers

Science & Nature Quiz

Here are the answers to Science & Nature Quiz #15…

1. What is a baby whale called?

A. Calf

2. Deoxyribunucleic Acid is more commonly known as what?


3. What is the hottest planet in our solar system?

A. Venus

4. Where in the body would you find the limbic system?

A. Brain

5. How many tentacles does a squid have?

A. 10

6. What is the rarest blood type?

A. AB Negative

7. Hg is the chemical symbol for what?

A. Mercury

8. What is the largest moon of Saturn called?

A. Titan

9. Foxes, Wolves and Jackals all belong to what family of mammals?

A. Canine

10. Oncology is a branch of medicine concerned with what disease?

A. Cancer

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