Music Quiz #2

Music Quiz

Welcome to Music Quiz #2…

1. Top Gun helped which band achieve a number one single with ‘Take My Breath Away’?

2. In Don McLean’s ‘Vincent’, which 2 colours did he paint his palette?

3. Who sang with Robbie Williams on the 2001 song ‘Something Stupid’?

4. Twiggy had her only hit with which song?

5. Who wrote the lyrics for the 1996 hit ‘Three Lions’?

6. The San Francisco Symphony partnered with who for the 1999 ‘S & M’ album?

7. What nationality are Bloc Party?

8. What is Marilyn Manson’s real name?

9. In which film did Elvis Presley play a boxer?

10. What is the musical term for unaccompanied singers?

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