TV & Film Quiz #8 Answers

TV & Film Quiz

Here are the answers to TV & Film Quiz #8…

1. Rodney Trotter had ‘GCE’s’ in which two subjects?

A. Art & Maths

2. Who was the original presenter of’ The Crystal Maze’?

A. Richard O’Brian

3. What song wakes up Bill Murray in Groundhog Day?

A. ‘I got you babe’ – Sonny & Cher

4. How many boxes are there to open in Deal Or No Deal?

A. 22

5. ‘Honey Ryder’ is a character from which Bond film?

A. Dr No

6. Who played the title role in ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’?

A. Melissa Joan Hart

7. In the film ‘The Lion King’, who voices ‘Scar’?

A. Jeremy Irons

8. The fictional village of Adensfield is the setting for which television series?

A. Heartbeat

9. 3 consecutive generations of which family have won oscars?

A. Huston (Walter, John & Angelica)

10. Which 1950 film received a record 14 Oscar nominations?

A. All About Eve


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