Geography Quiz #23 Answers

Geography Quiz

Here are the answers to Geography Quiz #23…

1. In which country can you find the Black Forest?

A. Germany

2. ‘A Auriverde’ translated as ‘The Gold And The Green’ in English, is the name of which country’s national flag?

A. Brazil

3. The Murray river is the longest river of which country?

A. Australia

4. What is the name of the circle of latitude where the sun would be directly overhead at the December solstice?

A. Tropic Of Capricorn

5. Lake Saimaa, Lake Päijänne and Lake Inari are the names of 3 of the over 188,000 lakes belonging to which country?

A. Finland

6. According to their 2020 GDP, which is the richest country in Africa?

A. Egypt (1,292.48 billion $)

7. Alongside the US dollar, the ‘Balboa’ (named in honour of the Spanish explorer Vasco Núñez de Balboa) is an official currency of which Central American country?

A. Panama

8. What is the capital of Estonia?

A. Tallinn

9. The Coral Sea can be found off the Northeast coast of which country?

A. Australia

10. What is the line on a weather chart which joins points of equal pressure?

A. Isobar

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