General Knowledge Quiz #31 Answers

General Knowledge Quiz 31

Here are the answers to General Knowledge Quiz #31…

1. In which country can you find villages called ‘Silly’, ‘Billy’ and ‘Pratt’?

A. France

2. Which country inexplicably has 158 verses (stanzas) to its national anthem? 💤

A. Greece

3. Which party game, demonstrated on TV in 1966, was described by competitors as being ‘Sex in a box’?

A. Twister

4. According to 20th Century Psychology definitions, who has the lowest IQ? A Moron? An Imbecile? Or an Idiot?

A. Idiot

5. An ‘Orchidometer’ is a medical instrument used to measure the volume of which part of the male anatomy?

A. Testicles

6. Once owned by Henry VIII, what was bought by Cecil Chubb at an auction held in the South West of England in 1915 for £6,000?

A. Stonehenge

7. ‘Hippo-photo-monstro-sesquipedalian-phobia’ is the fear of what?

A. Long Words

8. What did Henry VIII place a tax on in 1535?

A. Beards

9. How many times did Sherlock Homes say the phrase ‘Elementary, my dear Watson’ in total across all the books by Arthur Conan Doyle?

A. Never

10. In which Olympic sport might you ‘jerk’ and ‘snatch’?

A. Weightlifting

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